About Golchin Zare

Golchin Zare is a family owned private company located in the raisin capital of Iran – Malekan. It is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000:2008 and HACCP certified company serving customers since 1990 by providing the highest standard of service and premium quality raisins from the raisin farms of Iran to consumers around the world.

We source our material directly from growers that we have worked with over many years. Our growers are required to follow strict guidelines that are set forth by our company. They harvest the crop at the appropriate state of maturity and carry out the drying process in a very hygienic condition.

As part of our quality procedures, we have a full control of the product from field to delivery. As part of this system, we carry out physical, chemical and microbiological analyses at all required stages of the process. Our technical team is fully trained and updated in food processing procedures and controls and as well as legislative requirements.

Our purpose is to achieve the highest possible quality standards of any processor within the Iranian Raisin Industry. During the recent years, our factories have been equipped with modern and up to date machinery such as high tech laser sorters and metal detectors, to put a step forward in producing goods with the highest possible quality.

We are committed to continue investment in our industry in order to deliver consistent high quality products at competitive prices.

It will be our pleasure to receive your enquiries which will have our special attention.